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I was extremely fortunate to have been a student of Anita's very early on in my vocal education. Her approach is nurturing and highly pragmatic. Anita has an extensive knowledge of contemporary repertoire, as well as a practical awareness of what is required of current Music Theatre performers. This helped thoroughly prepare me for intensive tertiary performing arts training, which I completed at both the Victorian College of the Arts, and the Australian Institute of Music. As a professional touring singer of many years, performing in nightly shows, often on long schedules under various conditions, I rely immensely on my training for consistency. I am always grateful to have learned from Anita. 

Elle Sejean - Music Theatre Performer and Touring/Session Vocalist

I spent all of my formative years having Anita as as teacher and mentor. It was through her knowledge and guidance that I was able to create a solid musical foundation in which I could build a career in theatre from. I still often find myself using techniques Anita taught me in my work today.

Michaela Powell – VCA Musical Theatre Graduate. Australian and International cast member of Les Miserables.  Australian cast of School of Rock.

Anita is the most incredible mentor I could've asked for in my final year of VCE Music. With her guidance and knowledge she helped me achieve an A+ for my Vocal examination, as well as high marks throughout the year. I've never had a singing teacher believe in me and encouraged me as much as Anita did. With the techniques I've developed through my lessons with Anita, it has helped me land roles in multiple shows, including Legally Blonde the Musical and has continued to assist me in my Bachelor of Teaching and Arts degree where my major is Music. 

Tiana Zaljevic – Tertiary Music Student

I have never been one to be able to handle the ‘traditional’ style of learning nor be able to deal with the pressure of exams, however my passion for music and singing ‘classically,’ was met with the amazing direction and tuition of Anita. I credit my technic, success in exams and my current position to Anita . She was the perfect coaching style for me which helped me pursue and succeed at exams and study classically without ending up hating it or getting lazy (and let me tell you, that must have been a struggle on her side!) I am now a full-time singer/songwriter and the most prominent thing that other singers and industry have complimented me on was my vocal health and technique… Although I am now a pop singer, the knowledge I learnt through exams and lessons with Anita have stuck with me and given me crazy strength with singing. I highly recommend this beautiful and passionate woman.

Evangeline – Professional songwriter and singer

I have known Anita for 17 years. Starting singing lessons with her as a teen was truly the best thing I could have done. Her wealth of musical knowledge and detail to proper technique, gave me the skills to sing safely and to my best ability. Anita was always so positive, encouraging me to perform at eisteddfod's and concerts and helped me to prepare for auditions. My confidence as a singer, and a young lady, soared under her guidance and I will always be grateful to her and the tuition I received. Now I am a parent myself and my two boys learn from Anita. They love going to lessons each week and are always eager to show me the diverse range of songs they have learnt. One child in particular, suffers from severe anxiety and in just a few short months working with Anita he was able to overcome his biggest fear of singing in front of a crowd and actually performed a solo in front of 60 people. We will continue to learn from Anita as she is  truly a special and rare kind of teacher. Passionate, dedicated and encouraging. I would, and do, recommend Anita to anyone looking for an amazing singer teacher. 

Heidi Watson – Singing teacher, Performer and Parent

I loved my lessons with Anita! She developed my love for singing and designed the lessons to suit me. She was integral in building the foundations of my technique and my love for musical theatre

Adam DiMartino –  Australian cast of Aladdin. VCA Musical Theatre Graduate.

I first received lessons from Anita when I was 12 years old and continued lessons with her throughout my high school years until I was 18. Her classical and popular voice technique and teaching style has been so influential to me as a professional singer and I still to this day use her vocal warm ups before my shows. 

I can’t recommend Anita enough, not only did she teach me solid vocal technique, she also taught me so many life lessons about being a singer and the importance of vocal health. She’s the perfect teacher for any age and style of singing.  

Elena Gabrielle - Trained in Musical Theatre at Australia's prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) Elena is an accomplished cabaret comedian, singer, and Dee-Vuh! Elena Gabrielle has appeared in the Perth Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was headline MC for the Australian Burlesque Festival in 2016. She performed on TEDx as part of her show "The Shuffle Show" and also officially holds a Guinness world record for producing and performing in Burleskathon - the worlds longest continuous burlesque show. She is currently on tour with the international dating show “StoryParty” been seen in over 20 countries. 

I moved to Australia in 2013 and after a few years of different singing teachers I found Anita. Instantly I felt welcomed and comfortable. Lessons were always such a delight and I looked forward to them every week. She helped me pick the right songs for my voice and showed me new ways to warm up and keep my voice at it's best. During lessons with Anita was when it became clear to me that I wanted to extend my talent and study Musical Theatre to hopefully one day be able to perform on stage world wide. She helped extend my musical knowledge and introduced me to local productions and it was with her help I was able to secure a role in Geelong Centre Stage's production of ‘Oklahoma' in 2016. Anita assisted me through my Year 12 Music Performance where we created an 8-10 minute set of back to back songs from a range of musical genres (she even allowed my love of Frozen and The Little Mermaid to be featured). She has continuously helped me prepare for auditions into VCA and Federation University to study Musical Theatre and I will forever be thankful for all that Anita has taught me about life, the musical world and myself. Anita’s teachings will stay with me and assist me for years to come and her kind heart, generous soul and amazing voice will forever be a part of my life.

Lauren Nicholls – APO Arts Academy Diploma Student (Musical Theatre)

I cannot sing Anita's praises enough (pardon the pun). I first learned from Anita in 2006 in preparation for my year 12 music exams and was so touched by her unwavering support and encouragement. Since then, I have worked with Anita on various musicals and events, relishing her nurturing approach to vocal guidance. Anita is a true fan of her students and, as I've experienced, her support for them continues long after her time as their teacher.

Rose Sejean-  is a professionally trained performing artist and soon to be music business graduate of the Australian Institute of Music. Rose has over 6 years of professional performance experience within Australia and is currently interning at major record company Warner Music Australia and international music publisher Warner/Chappell.

I met Anita back in 2013 during my Diploma of Music at Oxygen College, and we have been dear friends ever since. Anita opened my eyes to music theatre and really started to show me where I could go with my voice. She is such a kind, gentle and encouraging teacher, and really adores what she does. Whether you are just starting out or have been singing for many years, she applies her knowledge and understanding of voice and performance beautifully. I am so grateful to know Anita and to have had the opportunity to work with her on many occasions over the past 5 years, with many more to come.

Alicia O’Bree – Diploma of Music Graduate and Musical Theatre Performer

Anita was my singing teacher throughout many of my school years. Anita taught me so much about singing techniques and performing. She helped me to prepare for exams up to Grade 7, Eisteddfods, musical theatre and other performances. Anita also has a great ability to choose pieces that suited my voice. Although it has been some time since my singing lessons, I really enjoy singing and I am so grateful to Anita for helping me to develop this skill.

Erica Murrihy –Classical Voice Student and Member of Duo “Key of E”

I have had all three of my daughters study with Anita over the last 8 years, and I recommend her highly as a professional teacher. In this time my two older girls have had many successful auditions for musicals and bands. She was also very helpful in preparing my girls for their practical and theory exams.

Meegan Baker, Music teacher, Performance co-ordinator Geelong College

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